Sorry about the broken links and images. I was in the middle of editing this yesterday when it sent accidentally. Everything should point to where its meant now...Enjoy this easy winter...
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Happy New Year!!

Another one has come around, and we're already off to a good start Looks like 2023 will be another blast for most of us.

As far as resolutions go, I promised myself I wouldn't spend as much time on promotions as I did last year. I spent most of that time analyzing and getting a grip on this process. It was necessary and worth the effort since I now have some understanding of how this all works.

Fewer emails from me overall, and more quality from those which are sent.

Kind of strange...

Last year just before the holiday season arrived, I received a book in the mail from a publisher I had queried a few years ago. Upon opening the package I instantly remembered the publisher and their rejection letter since my engagement with them was a bit terse. I don't keep a file of rejection letters, although comic-wise, that's not that bad of an idea. It's just a little done over. I do keep up with who I reach out to here in cyberspace and after some analysis I realized they were right and probably not the ideal publisher for me.

It was an interesting read, which was more of a non-fictional account which isn't my thing. However, I was surprised by how interesting it was. It gave me the idea of writing my own memoir an idea I've tossed around before. I quickly squashed it since relaying my account to the world really isn't my style. I often cringe while writing these simple promotions.

What I did was respond with a printed copy of my latest greatest, a compliment to the author, and a few links to my other works. QR codes came in handy for that, and a little fun can be had if you like working with paper. In this manner, it worked out well.

The valuing of my opinion in the form of a free book was unexpected but then I may be making too much of it That's just how I preferred to take it. There actually was no correspondence other than sales literature. However, it was a very kind gesture and appropriate when I received the book just before Christmas. Honestly, I was most likely part of a release campaign, but it felt like more. For the moment I felt like part of the biz. The feeling endures.

The Biz!

Subterfuge releases next week, Jan 16th. Pre-orders and printed versions are available now. You can order digital copies wherever books are sold online.
Infinite labyrinth
Click the cover below for the free preview and get it here, where it's warm and cozy.
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Friends of Smashwords...

This one's exclusive to those who use Smashwords to buy books. For a limited time you can buy Subterfuge for the sale price of $2.99 This deal will last until the book officially launches on Jan 16th.
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Yeah, that's it. You can still find anything you may have missed from this newsletter and priors at the Archive. I'll send you another email next week once Subterfuge is made available.

Until next time, have a nice one.
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