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I realize this a tough time for Authors of all kinds and especially for creative types, no matter what creed or design. I'm in a fortunate position in the sense that I have almost 100% freedom over what I spend my time with these days, which is mostly the written word for now.

So those of us who've been around certainly know what's good, and what to do next. Perhaps those that choose to stymie us will one day smell the roses, but until then, all we can do is provide what we can and support the ideas we agree upon. Beyond that, it's mostly a do what you do kind of thing. Will it ever pan out? It does, in time. How fast depends on a lot of factors, but it's you who'll have to make the ultimate decision so as to prosper.

I suggest you think of yourself first, before you toss your balls onto the roulette table,
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As a treat to you since you were nice enough to help me out with these last few emails, I've added a small snippet from A Vampire's Tale to the tail of this newsletter. It's a short passage detailing Ryker's onset unto the path of riches a few years after he was turned into a Vampire.

Thanks for sticking around. I hope we all have a breezy, mellowed-out, preferably liquid-cooled summer.


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A Vampire's Tale

The first 100 years of Vampirism can be difficult. It takes about that long, an entire century before one can fully acclimate with the life before them. This time is mostly spent in observation, mostly of Humans, although fellow Vampires can also be found under inspection. The relation with life can be difficult to absorb since they’re no longer ordinary and because during most of mankind’s existence and theirs, they had no claim to stature or otherwise.

Vampirism, like anything else, could be a gift and a curse since they were predator and prey to not only Humans but Vampires as well. Add on the Psychics who patrolled them, and what would be one’s wildest aspiration could also mean an eternal sentence of cruelty and death.

It was a monster overall. When he first turned, he kept to the wilderness, partaking of any soul or beast for any blood he could gain. He soon moved into theft, desperate to return to civilization, but being bound by the night and barred by the sun, his options were pretty much nil. He knew he would need money and riches if he hoped to enjoy his new existence. Therefore, he took often and regularly from his victims, even sacrificing blood for the night so he could stalk the right individual who he knew had a purse worth snatching.

He soon gathered a large wealth which he kept hidden within the Topaz Forest. He managed to stash most of it within the heights of the massive trees which dwelled there, far above and away from the sight or reach of Humans.

He did that for half a century before finding someone who could map his way back to the living world. He ultimately found extortion as his route, his way back into civilization, and it eventually became his undoing.

One day, while waiting on his next meal to naively come along, he caught wind of a gentleman who knew of the Vampire’s existence. He had come looking for Ryker, the monster suspected of dwelling in the Topaz Forest, knowing fully what Ryker was.

Ryker swooped down from the branches high above, thinking he had caught an easy one. He was greeted with a surprise instead. The man who had come seemed to expect him as if he’d seen it before and called out to Ryker, arms raised in defense, within a moment before he was in his grasp.

“I can help you!” he said. “I know what you are and others like you.”

Ryker relaxed his grasp and took a step back from his guest, looking him up and down he thought he may have been joking. He then thought he would at least listen to what he had to say before he decided to take his blood.

“I'm Matt Hamilton of Topaz,” he said, “what's your name?” the man said.

Ryker, still stunned for the moment, took a second to respond. He had been living like an animal for so long, with no contact with anyone, it took a second for him to remember it.


At that moment, Mr. Hamilton relaxed as well and extended his hand. Ryker took it in exchange, and for a quick second, he almost smiled. He had no idea how he would manage to spend the fortune he’s amassed since any business was closed during the nighttime hours.

“There’s no need for someone like you to live this way.” Mr. Hamilton said. “The world is becoming a very developed place. There is a way for your kind now. You don’t have to be alone and out here.”

“Really? And how has the world changed? I see only flesh and food, just as always.”

“Trust me Ryker. Those like you have more than you’d expect.”

Ryker, not being totally socially inept, felt a heavy weight lift from off his chest. He had forgotten how much he needed companionship, even in this monstrous form. He was glad to make a friend and felt he could easily sacrifice the meal.

From there a friendship was kindled, one which assisted Ryker time and again over the centuries. The Hamilton's were known to be Psychics amongst the Vampire populace. They often aided their cousins in return for the muscle and brutality the Vampire’s owned, stock and trade. From there it wasn’t long before Ryker had a steady income while on the payroll of one security or enforcement firm or another.

During those years, centuries it had lasted, Ryker gained a rep for himself as being one of the most thorough of the Hunters. Most tasks he handled alone, although he had a few buddies here and there who would aid him with more difficult targets, such as those who had been around for thousands of years or more.

Mr. Hamilton eventually introduced Ryker to others of his kind and those like himself, sympathizers of the Vampire cause. Their relationship was bound by blood and finance. The Psychics would arrange commerce between the Vampire and Human worlds in exchange for favors only the supernatural could achieve.

Otherworldly violence was the most common request, and the ability to cover things up without detection was appreciated as well. There was always someone willing to pay more than they had with the hope of making something or someone disappear.

It's how he made his way until his base nature, the same ego which couldn’t accept being a simple farmer, led him into another wealth, although this one of trouble.

Because he was no longer a human at all. A monster he was regardless of his residence, with or without fangs. The evil which lurked in his heart, even while human when he hunted thieves and bandits, continued to blossom as he eventually gained all he desired.

Ryker loved it all. He wished he could thank the one who made him and brought him into this world of darkness, but after that night, he never heard or saw of him again.

For the longest time, he didn’t even know his name or what had indeed befallen him. As he met more of his kind and others who shared the gift of immortality, history was shared, and a few clues appeared before him. It was all he wished for when it came to the mercantile and of being a bad guy.

It became a passion of his to follow the old lore. With that came lust. What followed was an obsession. But the thing he truly desired, power, remained well beyond his reach, as it remains so centuries later.

Violence and tyranny have the same consequences for one, whether they’re Human, Psychic, or Vampire. You can’t dish it out for an eternity and not expect to draw a grievance. This is what Ryker found during his exploits and is why he lives in isolation to this day.

The trouble he found came from Vladimir, the most notorious of them all.

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