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Subterfuge the Audiobook is now available on Audible.

Hi everyone,

It's the middle of May and about fifty degrees outside as I'm writing this. So, so much for global warming.

Maybe I can get my car fixed now---
The audiobook for Subterfuge has been published and is now available for listening.

I have a few promo codes for the audiobook to share with you if you'd like. Simply reply to this email, and I'll gladly send you some. They're free for me but I would like it if you did something (review) for me in return. This is not an offer, which is totally counterintuitive to a sales approach. I'm just saying, that's all.

Meanwhile, Subterfuge, in all its eBook formats, will be on sale for a limited time spanning the next up-and-coming weeks. The eBook will be available everywhere it's sold for only $2.99 for the remainder of May. Kindle Unlimited subscribers will still have the option to read for free all the way into June, and beyond.

Did I mention Subterfuge is free for Amazon Prime Members also?

If you've read enough and are ready to listen to Subterfuge, just follow the following image to be taken to Audible.

A Vampire's Tale

A Vampire's Tale, is still going well.

I was a little hung up last week since I've been hesitant to close and finish the story. I'm still deciding which of my heroes should (and they both can) take the crown, but I suppose Durante or Cecily sharing the title would go over just as smoothly.

The villains in my novel, Malik and Ryker, will be meeting their demise very soon, hopefully by the end of this month if I can keep my momentum going. Ending a novel is always a sad bit for me since I've spent many months with what is truly a labor of love. Like all lovely relationships, I kind of hate to see it end.

You can still find a free preview of A Vampire's Tale here. Once you sign up, you'll receive a small handful of emails from me, notifying you of my most current publications, gratis and for sale, and where to find them.

Where the Crow's Nest

Coming up next, later this fall and a little after A Vampire's Tale, I'll be introducing Where the Crow's Nest.

The story is about Karl Vickers, a Detective, and alcoholic who's assigned an enigma case that is 30 years old and yet to be solved. Everyone in his unit is assigned such a case, but for many reasons, theirs is solved or tidied away while his remains on his log. Without boring on the usual about office etiquette and politics, Karl comes up with the means to solve his case even though it's been on his log forever. Such is a triumph in its own right, but every victory comes with spoils, and Karl pays for it by losing someone he loves.

This one's going to be nice...
Please enjoy Subterfuge in whichever format you choose, whether audiobook, eBook, or print. If you could, please leave a rating or review for me once you've finished either version of the book. As you do, I'll be enjoying one of my Rocky Patel's in celebration of the launch of my new audiobook.

You should have one as well...

As always, thank you for your patronage, thank you for subscribing, and above all, thanks for being a reader

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