A Vampire's Tale?

Well, yeah,

I probably should get this one out as soon as possible, but by it being a vampire tale, I thought a mid-September release would be more suited to the genre. I'm not talking about Halloween, either. Some of us like a good vampire story in the fall. That's all.

I want to leave you with a teaser: I was considering uploading the back cover, but lately, I've realized that I need to curb some of the sales work. I do apologize for that, I was trying to get ahead without anybody holding a bill over my head.

It really is like a dog trying to get out...

After some thought and consideration, I've decided it's not a big deal, so I've added both to this email for your enjoyment or perusal. Now I don't have to feel so guilty about talking my ****


I'm not obliged to anyone or anything bound to this earth, but I like to put something in the pot when possible. For that reason alone, I'm letting you in early on the cover reveal for A Vampire's Tale if you haven't peeped it out already on my website, bookmotives.com. So, without further ado,
Yeah, you could have something like this added to your shelf of trophy books for less than $20.
If you download the images I believe they'll pop up in their actual dimensions, for you to gasp upon in their full glory.

I would add the 'A Novel' tag to it, but that looks a little ugly on this side of the genre. Wouldn't you agree?


I've since changed the title of my upcoming book to: A Vampire's Tale: The Hunt for the Lycan. It is something for the younger adults if you're wondering. I'm nearing the 50 mark myself, so time for this kind of thing is kind of running out for me. But then, it's always looked this way, even when I was still in my teens. Regardless, I have a ton of it stored away, but I'll be spending the next few months on more serious material, like my friend Karl, who's currently hunting a serial killer who goes by the name of >>>>>>


If you haven't checked out Subterfuge yet, there's still time. I have only a couple of promo codes left, so respond to this email if you still want one. Better yet, click the ad below and get a FREE Audible trial and a FREE copy of Subterfuge for FREE.

Wrapping up

Beyond this, surprisingly, things are still looking good. I won't boggle you down with any more of my writing exploits unless you like that, but I can't really tell since this is mostly a one-way communication overall. I can only hope you keep me in mind or remember me the next time you're shopping for something to read.

So, that'll be it until launch. I'll send out another email a few days prior. I'm aiming for a September 17th launch date which is the birthday of a dear friend of mine, one of the people who gave me a lot of what I know about this craft.

Way back 30 years ago, in the 90s...

If you really can't wait, follow this link, and Smashwords will hook you up with a presale. If you give me your email address while on the site, you'll get more than 50% off. Real talk.

Hope to see you folks around,

Thanks for not unsubscribing,

Omar Daniels
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