UPDATE: SEPT. 22ND, 2023

We’re going very old now, into a domain which has always been forbidden. Perhaps I’ll luck up and find a token of treasure, some mere semblance of wealth. Perhaps not.


It’s actually going something like well.

I’ve just about finished the first part a few nights ago and have been spending the time formulating a decent outline. This will only be my second intentional Novella, however, I kind of like the genre and wouldn’t mind reading more. This emotion is without a doubt fool hearted, but who can one blame other than oneself? Especially when it comes to needs versus wants or lust.

Back in reality, Computors is forming more into a Sci-Fi Horror, more than it is pure science fiction or anything like a badass. You surely wouldn’t tell from the cover. My tales are bizarre, unbelievable, and contrary to what everyone expects. They're also depraved and in a very sorted kind of way, kind of good.

Anyway, that’s all slated for self-promotional purposes. No, it’s not a foray.

I have a million and one stories just like everyone else but what does motivate me to focus and print upon this screen is not as substantial. Truthfully, I only occupy this space sparingly within the interest of persevering my identity as an Author. I have a slew if not a ton of responsibilities of which I am possessed and if I get a chance to wallow in my struggles then so be it and I shall write some more.

I have these abilities, as I’ve always had, but my gifts were not endowed so I can go about saving the world. They’re here for me more as an aid, to remind me of a truth which is fathomable to us all.

This is not the end. Because life has no such liability to anyone or itself.

That’s what’s good…

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