Hello all you beautiful people.

Ahh, it's winter time again and summer is coming too. It's close to 60 degrees here in Chicago but those like me know very well that some kind of cold front will greedily make its way thru here either before the month is up or by the time leaves begin the sprout. We know this without a weather app, or a subscription to any news service, and even before any of us could afford cable TV or satellite, because we've been out here, exposed, well before we had the idea to send someone a newsletter.

But, it is still winter time and like I always do annually, this is the time when I find myself glued to my XBOX enjoying whatever I may have missed and try to catch up on the games and enviros I like.

So, I've set the goal this year to complete the solo-campaigns of at least six games to add to the FLIPPED section on the home screen of my XBOX. Why hasn't XBOX allowed the sharing of home screens with your friends? I have no idea really, but it's not that bad because I don't actually speak to anyone online.

At any rate, I don't have grandchildren yet, or have any plans of leaving the state or my home in the foreseeable future. I am steady on my way with the next follow ups to the last two novels I released late last year. The A Vampire's Tale and Computors sequels are both being compiled even as I'm taking time off to goof around with you.

Here is a list of the games I'll be playing for the next month or two aiming for completion:

Modern Warfare (Black OPs)
Curse of the Dead Gods
Ghost Song
Midnight Fight Club (I haven't enjoyed a franchise like Humble Games since Ubisoft was the lick)
Rise an Shine
Geometry Wars (As usual and all three).
Neon Abyss (I still haven't beaten one boss)

Truthfully, I'll be satisfied if can complete at least three of these. I don't game as much as I'd like since it is a bit odd to do so at my age. But, it gives me a lot of joy embracing the gaming culture, and no one knows what the future holds but I hope video games and computer technology remains at the center of it all as it does today.

Btw, I'm wordz45 on xbox. Holla at me!

You should know where to find my books if you want one by now.

In any case, visit here where you can now purchase directly from me:


Omar Daniels


Next month I'll be pumping my New York Times Magazine nomination throughout the airwaves of cyberspace which goes actually to just you few folks who haven't yet unsubscribed.

Stay tuned for that.

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