Well this has been a very pleasant week such I haven't experienced in some time. I made another friend and got more work done towards A Vampire's Tale, pushing it further into the clouds and the prepossessing vaults of media which reside there. The following is how it all occurred:

Last weekend I was contacted by yet another lovely author. We made some astonishing discoveries about Amazon and their ranking system which I wasn't aware of until our conversation was had. I'm still investigating what I've learned whilst chatting with this splendid young lady, but as soon as I have something valuable to share I'll let you know.

I also made A Vampire's Tale available to Kindle Unlimited Subscribers as well this week (really testing the waters here) so have a look at that if you like. A Vampire's Tale has picked up some heat as of late so don't mind me while I try to capitalize. Follow the cover for more info:

More progress...

Recently I submitted an audio book version of A Vampire's Tale to Findaway.com a distributor of audio books. Within a few weeks (possibly a month at most) A Vampire's Tale the audio book will be available where most audio books are sold including Libro.fm, Spotify, Audible and others. As soon as I have links for those I'll get them to you. Follow this link to find a free preview on Google where it first launched so you can get a taste of what you're in for: https://play.google.com/store/audiobooks/details?id=AQAAAECSlF7U3M

You can also purchase the audio book from Google now and get ahead of the pack.

If $10 is too much for an audio book then use this promo code 54NJXGJ8AFU6C for a 20% discount.

You can redeem it here:

You can share these codes with anyone :)


I'm making my way into the physical world with my books now on consignment at one venue on the East Coast. You can find real, physical, printed, copies of most of my books at The Reading Glass Books, in Cookstown, NJ. So, all you folks (my peoples included if any of you are subscribed) in the other tri-state area should definitely make a visit to The Reading Glass Books, and most certainly buy at least one of my books.

For real.

The story behind how this happened is quite fascinating and it is a chicken or the egg kind of scenario. I would expound more but I'm sure you can figure it out so maybe next time if I need some filler I'll let you in.

I'm also making my way towards venues here where I come from and dwell but it's going to be a minute since my repertoire here isn't the spiffiest. Although, nowadays, I do keep it cleaner than a b****. More on that later.
So, it's been a great week overall. I sorely needed it.

Enjoy the weather, and have a Guinness while you're at it, because I'm going to have some too by the time this email reaches you.

Omar Sr.

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