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A Vampire's Tale : The Hunt For The Lycan | PAPERBACK

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“A vibrant and thrilling vampire romp.”(Booklife)

Durante just does his job and hopes he gets a break. When he’s not drinking or enjoying some good eats, he’s policing Vampires of all things with the aid of an Empath who’s not really his type. Meanwhile, two nefarious Vamps by the names of Ryker and Malik are brewing up a storm with hopes of a takeover, or at the very least upsetting the Vampire-Human coexistence.

If that isn’t enough, his pals are dropping like flies.

Now it’s up to Durante and a couple of shrewd agents to get to the bottom of the recent slayings and uncover the mystery to a set of books known as the Lycan. They must, before the wrong hands do, and the world plummets into a kind of hell, that which no one, not even Vampires, wants to enter.

Blood matters.

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A Vampire's Tale : The Hunt For The Lycan | PAPERBACK