Author | Bio

Omar Daniels has spent most of his life in and around Chicago, Illinois. For the better part of two decades, he’s worked mostly in the construction and repair trades. He’s written a few novels, a few short stories, and a tiny variety of screenplays.

All of his works dwell within the realms of Crime, Sci-Fi, and Horror. His protagonists are usually do-gooders who’ve been pulled off course or sucked in due to a grander scheme. Every now and then, a Comedy magically appears before his eyes.

Over the years, he’s lent his distinctive vision to the darker divisions of Hip Hop music, thriving in the culture’s shadows where he’s most comfortable.

Omar likes food most of all, beer, computers, TV, media of all kinds, and of course books and good writing. He has an Associate’s of Applied Science Degree in Electronics from DeVry University, formerly DeVry Institue of Technology, Chicago Campus. He uses his vast knowledge of electronics and the Internet to weave together his stories.

He’s a known techno-geek around the way even though he’s way too old for such associations. Spending most of his time writing, lately, he’ll sometimes whip up a pretty tasty egg sandwich to keep him going.

It’s safe to call him a junk-food junkie while in his presence.

Full versions of all my books can be found in many online bookstores.